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Welcome to the Music Motel! Since 2002, we have provided our online guests with an eclectic mix of music-related products and resources¬†ranging from guitars to amplifiers, turntables to neon clocks, music CD’s to tour busses, and artists and festival listings.

All of our products are personally chosen by the Music Motel staff. Our favorites represent quality, often hard-to-find items that are our personal recommendations¬†and not usually available in the “Big Box Store” chains.

We are NOT a large internet dealer and we do not participate in the discounting “race to the bottom” that many e-tailers pursue. We ARE a “friends & family” business that values our online guests and we strive to provide quick. efficient service and quality products.

We welcome comments and suggestions, and as always, we thank you for visiting The Music Motel!


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2 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Hello. I have an OMI Dobro round neck. serial number on top of head stock is B1 090 95. can you please tell me if your biscuit bridge cone will work on it? I’m not sure of the size 10 1/2″ is what yours says. the one in it is cheap and has no volume like my national reso rocket.
    thank you very much.

    1. Thank you for your message. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, your note was mixed in with some spam and I just found it. Your OMI was built in 1995, and yes… the Replogle cones will fit it. Depending on the model, the spider bridge would fit if it is a wood body Model 60D or comparable. If it is a metal body DM33, then the 10 1/2″ biscuit would be correct. If it is a DM90, then the 9 1/2″ biscuit would be what you need. If you still need assistance, please email mike@themusicmotel.com

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