Welcome to the Music Motel! Since 2002, we have provided our online guests with an eclectic mix of music-related and Americana products and resources.

We started the Music Motel before Amazon, before Facebook, and before eBay. We had a vision, but not the venture capital to realize it in those early days while e-commerce was still in its infancy. Features and functions that we wanted for the website were incredibly expensive. Now, most of those very same functions are “free” on standard web platforms and taken for granted as standard features.

But what was different about the Music Motel then is still different now.

Firstly, we are NOT a major corporation or a large internet dealer offering products for less than the normal brick & mortar retail store can sell them. And, we are NOT in a “race to the bottom” with discount pricing that turns products into low priced “commodities”.

We are NOT beholden to a group of shareholders or venture capitalists that insist on maximum profits at the expense of the business vision or their customer’s best interests.

We ARE a small, family-run e-commerce business that collects and curates eclectic products that may not be easily found elsewhere. All of our product listings are personally chosen by the Music Motel staff. Our favorites represent quality, often hard-to-find items that are our personal recommendations and often not available in the “Big Box Store” chains.

As a “friends & family” business, we value our online guests and we strive to provide quick, efficient service and quality products.

We DO love music, and Americana, and cool eclectic things. We hope that you do too, and that you will share the adventure with us!

We welcome comments and suggestions, and as always, we thank you for visiting The Music Motel.

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