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Boulder Creek Musical Instruments (aka Boulder Creek Guitars) is a small, family-owned business. Our belief is that every musician should have an instrument that allows the player to realize their full potential and musical expression at an affordable price. Our acoustic-electric guitars and basses offer a tonal range, presence, sonic balance, sustain and playability that makes them the favorite of both professional and amateur musicians. Now you can own a guitar that looks and plays like one costing two or three times as much.

Our Suspended Bracing System™ (SBS) was developed with the idea that if you could support the string tension of an acoustic instrument while leaving the soundboard intact, it should sound better and create better tone and sustain. And, moving the center sound hole to the side of the guitar gives the instrument more soundboard area increasing sound projection. Also, because the side soundport directs the notes to your ear,  it makes it easy to audibly monitor your playing. This idea was the birth of Boulder Creek Guitars.

As a musician, you get an incredible sounding instrument that does not experience the same feedback issues associated with the “standard” acoustic guitar. Players and sound engineers alike rave about Boulder Creek instruments because they are trouble free and do what they are supposed to do on stage or in the studio! Add to that a unique look and you have an instrument that grabs the attention everywhere.

Boulder Creek’s patented SBS bracing system has rewritten the books on acoustic instruments. The unique style, affordability, and performance have taken a very young company to the forefront of the guitar world. See what has developed from the idea that was brought to life. Learn what you’ve been missing!

Boulder Creek Guitars has developed an incredible sounding instrument that doesn’t experience the same feedback issues associated with the “standard” acoustic guitar. Players and sound engineers alike rave about Boulder Creek guitars on stage because they do exactly what they’re supposed to do! Add to that a completely cool and different look, and you have an instrument that grabs the attention of any audience.
Suspended Bracing System

We envisioned a better way to brace the soundboard of an acoustic guitar because 95% of a guitar’s sound projects from the soundboard.

Our patented Suspended Bracing System™ (SBS) allows more vibration while retaining the strength and stability of the guitar top. By securing the bridge without using traditional X-type wood bracing, our guitars have improved sustain, volume (projection), richer tone and no dead spots in the dynamic range.

The SBS has fewer contact points and bracing around the bridge area giving our guitar tops resonance while improving transfer of string energy to the instrument. Our exclusive aluminum tone bars allow the top to vibrate but not flex under string tension. The bars are suspended 1/2 inch below the top to avoid dampening the vibration. The bars attach beneath the bridge and at each end of the soundboard.

The SBS system is the next evolution in guitar bracing. Richer tone, improved tonal balance, volume and greater sustain.

The SBS System

SBS Bracing System
SBS Bracing System

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