Replogle resonators are hand-spun in California to exacting specifications and high tolerances. These are the same cones used since the mid-1990’s in US-made Dobro-brand guitars produced by the Original Musical Instrument Company (OMI) and the Original Acoustic Instrument (OAI) company under Gibson. Until recently Replogle cones have only been available directly to custom builders and manufactures and have been used by OMI, OAI, Gibson, Scheerhorn, Crafters of Tennessee, Beard, Owens, Wechter, Weber, and Saga amongst others. Now, these “Original Equipment” cones are available directly to individual players and builders around the world.

The History. Mike Replogle learned the art of hand-spinning resonators directly from “the Old Man”, an old-school metal spinner that immigrated to the US and was the spinner-behind-the-scenes for virtually every resonator since the 1960’s. Replogle studied, practiced, and perfected his hand-spinning technique under the direct tutelage of the Old Man in his retirement, preserving the legacy of the authentic Dobro cones for future generations.


Hand spun
USA made in California
Special hardened aluminum alloy
Replogle resonator designs
Replacement cones for most brands, including Dobro & Gibson & Regal

About Replogle Cones…

Replogle Cones have been hand-spun for over 20 years in the exacting traditions of old-world spinning required by the Original Musical Instrument Company (OMI), the company founded by the Dopyeras- originators of the National, Dobro, and Regal brands.

Michael Replogle was the General Manager of the OMI division of Gibson Guitars during and after Gibson’s acquisition of OMI and the Dobro brand in 1993. A guitar builder himself since the late 1970’s, while at OMI Replogle designed the original Jerry Douglas Signature Model Dobro, the revolutionary DobroLectric thinline guitar with Replogle’s patented dual pickup system, and the unique Dobro Bass. Since Gibson’s relocation of OMI from Huntington Beach to Nashville, he has helped keep the Dobro legacy alive by continuing to supply original parts to luthiers and major manufacturers.

Replogle learned the complete old-school hand spinning process directly from “the Old Man” that was the spinner behind the cones since the late 60’s, and he has meticulously spun cones that maintain the standard of the original hand-spinning process and arcane techniques of the original Dobro resonators. These cones are not and can not be spun by present-day automated lathes, and the Replogle Cones provide the continuity of the Dopyera Legacy.

Until recently, these “Original Equipment” Manufacturer cones have only been available to established manufacturers and custom luthiers. Customers of Replogle Cones include Gibson Guitars, OMI, OAI, Dobro, Beard Guitars, Crafters of Tennessee, Tim Scheerhorn, Wechter, Saga Music, and Weber. Replogle Cones are now available on a limited basis to resonator players and builders through selected stores and websites.

This series of short videos show an overview of the intricate techniques and skills that Replogle employs in the production of his Replogle Resonator Cones.

Enjoy this glimpse into the esoteric world of resonator spinning and the magic of Replogle Cones!