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We are Updating the Music Motel and We Need YOUR Help!

Thanks for visiting the Music Motel! We are in the process of completing an overhaul of the website, and we would like your feedback and suggestions.

The eCommerce world has changed radically since the Music Motel began pioneering the sales of Americana music and related products in 2002. Now we are revamping the site, adding functions and features that were never possible at the beginning of our endeavor.

As we progress on this major project, we would like YOUR input. Please tell us what functions you like, and don’t. And what products you would like to see (and which ones should be consigned to the junkyard). Really, all of the suggestions and feedback that you can possibly give us will help.

We are NOT the Big Box Stores, we are NOT Amazon or eBay or the other Big Guys… we are a family run business that is staffed by people that love Americana, Music, and eclectic REAL products.

YOUR help is priceless, and we Thank You for your support!

The Music Motel Staff

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