LR Baggs Mixer, IMIX


Internal preamp/mixer with Element and iBeam pickups and Remote Control II. 

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The iMix pairs the iBeam and Element pickups with a miniature all-discrete class A preamp/stereo mixer. Combining the acclaimed fidelity of the iBeam and the presence and feedback resistance of the Element, the versatile iMix is
ideal for any venue. With its adjustable mid contour controls for both the iBeam and Element, and low cut for the iBeam, a dialed-in sound is available for any acoustic guitar.


• Includes iBeam and Element pickups
• All discrete miniature preamp/mixer
• Mono or stereo operation
• Tunable mid contours for iBeam and Element
• Battery Bag battery retention
• Prewired strapjack harness
• Variable iBeam low cut for optimum bass response
• Remote control II



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