LR Baggs Pickup, Acoustic Guitar Soundhole M1A

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Active magnetic soundhole pickup with volume control. The M1 Active is a body-sensitive soundhole magnetic pickup designed to fill large arenas and cut through the mix on a loud stage without feeding back. Plug in and you will quickly find that it has never been easier to get a superior live sound from your acoustic guitar! Unlike other soundhole magnetic pickups, the M1 Active captures both string and soundboard vibrations, creating a huge and natural sound from one pickup. The adjustable pole pieces allow for the perfect balance in any acoustic guitar. Feel free to plug directly in to your acoustic amplifier or PA system because the built in preamp bypasses the need for additional external preamps. If you are looking to eliminate the trade-off between ease and performance, this is the pickup for you.


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• Highly feedback-resistant
• Adjustable pole pieces
• Built in Volume control
• A perfect blend of string and body signal
• Quiet, hum-free operation
• Built-in gold plated 1/8” jack makes moving or removing the pickup a snap
• Includes a pre-wired strapjack harness


• Battery type: CR2032
• Battery life: 1000 hours
• Current consumption: 135 uA
• Preamp signal to noise: -78dB unweighted
• Output level: -10dB
• Output impedance: 800 ohms

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