LR Baggs Pickup, Radius Mandolin


Mandolin pickup with external jack mount.

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The Radius Mandolin pickup is a hi-tech contact sensor that installs in minutes. It is a passive accelerometer-based pickup that emulates the sound of a mic without the instability associated with microphones. At the heart of the pickup is a highly flexible beam with a .004” thin film sensor, similar to mic diaphragm material, attached to its surface. The beam is held in equilibrium and damped by another LR Baggs innovation – opposing Neodymium magnets. The Radius-M can be mounted to the outside surface of the instrument with a removable, nondestructive adhesive or to the inside with VHB adhesive. (External preamp recommended)


• Radius pickup
• Mounting putty
• Clear adhesive pads
• Self stick wire clips for internal installations
• Permanent VHB adhesive pads
• External jack mount


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