Pick-up the World, PUTW Quack Buster SBT Pickup

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This is PUTW’s on-board tone patch. Similar to the Model #27, the Quack Buster is a very affordable, easy to install soundboard transducer that is designed to be used with guitars that have existing, older style (more or less pre year 2000) or simple single source saddle type pickups installed.

(Note: The Quackbuster is not compatible with many of the newer, more complex pickup / preamp systems due to improper impedance matching)

As the name implies, the Quack Buster eliminates most if not all of the irritating piezo ‘quack’ from saddle type pickups, while at the same time adding warmth, depth, and harmonic detail to the signal.

This pickup is passive and a preamp should be used.

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Pick-up the World’s polymer film pickups are made from one of the most accurate and linear transducing materials known to mankind. Each sensor is carefully crafted and optimized to reveal the truest voice of the instrument to which it is applied. Over 30 years of research and design applications provide accurate solutions for virtually every instrument in the world.

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