Pick-up the World, PUTW Resonator Banjo SBT Pickup


Pick-up the World banjo pickups are widely acclaimed to be the best by Deering Banjos, Ome Banjos and many professional musicians. The pickup mounts to the underside of the head right below the bridge and is so thin and lightweight that it does not effect the natural tone at all. The sound is full ranged, dynamic, and incredibly feedback proof.

This pickup comes with adhesive backed clips that attach the jack to the rim of the Banjo.

This pickup is passive and a preamp should be used.

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Pick-up the World’s polymer film pickups are made from one of the most accurate and linear transducing materials known to mankind. Each sensor is carefully crafted and optimized to reveal the truest voice of the instrument to which it is applied. Over 30 years of research and design applications provide accurate solutions for virtually every instrument in the world.

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