Replogle Resonator Biscuit Bridge, Maple


Replogle Resonator Biscuit Bridges are made from selected, quarter-sawn hardrock maple for the optimum sound transference and tonal integrity. Brown satin finish

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Why does the biscuit matter?

“Luthiers and manufacturers may upgrade their resonator cones and other parts, but then they install a soft piece of wood on the bridge and/or saddle… usually made from available scrap,” says Mike Replogle. “That effectively undoes all the hard work and kills the reso’s tone and projection. My hand selected, quarter-sawn hardwood completes the circle and give that final push for the best tone and projection possible.”

In addition, Replogle Biscuit bridges are beveled on either side of the saddle slot. “Beveling the biscuit decreases the mass that can deaden the cone along the bridge contact area”, says Replogle, ” and that extra response allows the vibrations to better transfer to the cone”.


Replogle Biscuits fit the Replogle Saddles (sold separately)

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