Replogle Spider Bridge #14N Contemporary


Mike Replogle’s highly refined cast aluminum spiders offer a choice of traditional alloy, or a modern alloy for a brighter sound. Each leg of the spider is hand-adjusted and leveled so your resonator guitar will sound its best.

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Mike arches the legs by hand on each Replogle spider and levels the bottoms of the feet. This helps optimize contact on the guitar’s resonator cone, to bring out the best tone and volume. “No small task, and a great benefit not found on other spiders,” says Mike.

Each spider is 9-1/4″ diameter, with 1/8″-wide saddle slot, drilled for cone tension screw (not included). Made in USA, and available in two models.

Modern alloy spider: Small additional amounts of chromium, nickel and titanium increase the strength of the Contemporary alloy for slightly more rigidity. This gives the bridge more ring and projection, ideal for players seeking a modern brighter tone.

  • Standard Dimensions, fits original Dobro and other brands
  • Diameter approx 9.25″
  • Nut slot approx 1/8″
  • Drilled with center hole for resonator tension screw (not included)
  • All Replogle spiders are arched and leveled

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in

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