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Replogle Reso- Biscuit Cone

New Vintage-style Biscuit Cone Resonator

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Replogle resonators are hand-spun in California to exacting specifications and high tolerances. These are the same cones used since the mid-1990’s in US-made Dobro-brand guitars produced by the Original Musical Instrument Company (OMI). Until recently Replogle cones have only been available directly to custom builders and manufactures  Now, these “Original Equipment” cones are available directly to individual players and builders around the world.


  • Hand spun
  • USA made in California
  • Special hardened aluminum alloy
  • Replogle 9 1/2 Series Retro biscuit-bridge style resonator design
  • Replacement cone for for many brands of resonator guitars
  • Net diameter of cone is 9.375″
  • Net height is 1-1/4″

The NEW Replogle Reso 9 1/2 Series Retro biscuit-bridge style cone is hand spun  using a special hardened aluminum alloy for maximum strength, tone, projection and sustain.

This is a replacement cone for resonator guitars with a tight or slightly smaller than true 9.5″ soundwell.

The “9 1/2 Retro” biscuit resonator cone measure an actual 9.375″ net cone diameter. The edges are rolled up to create a bead that reinforces the durability of the cone edges and yields a slightly smaller diameter of 9.375”. These cones may NOT be trimmed.

The Standard “9 1/2 Retro″ biscuit resonator is perfect for some brands and models that use an actual 9.5” resonator sound well (or less) construction.